We all know that without any confidence our life will be pretty much complicated.

Your mind would constantly remind you what you are doing wrong. The laundry, writing this blog article, talking to this cute guy in the coffee shop, going out in the new outfit you just bought,your mind would tell for all of these things at least threehundredfiftyseven reason what is wrong about how you do it and that you should better let it be. 

Now we might think it’s easy peasy to find and keep confidence once we are growing up and doing all the stuff.

Learning by Doing

Now here is the thing: We are not just born with a shit loads of confidence and can spill it through out our lives. Nope. We have to gain it, earn confidence. Some of us are for sure faster than others, some have too much of it and some fight to get any.

So how can we get more confidence to ease our mind and actually do things we want to do:

1. Just do it
Yep here we go. We must accept that the more we do the things we want to learn we are able to master them. Yes we will make mistakes and we will fail along the way. But will we get better? Yes. And if it is only 1% then it is 1% better than those who didn’t even try.

2. Mistakes are inevitable
Mistakes are the moments when we actually start learning. Important is to review what went wrong and why. Assess the moment before and what could have been done better. Be honest but not overly self critical. Remember: It is already done and all you can do now is learn for the next time, to not repeat this mistake again. The more you learn the better you get. There is a reason why it is called “Master a Skill” rather than “Born to know a skill”. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes and see them as a fantastic opportunity to grow.

3. Convince our minds of what we are good at.
You know you are good at brewing beer. But your mind keeps telling you the beer won’t taste good, people wont like it,  they will for sure not buy it. They probably won’t. But it is not because it is not tasty but simply because the way you present it is not attractive for beer-lovers. You are playing small and simply don’t bring out the best in the beer. Stop it. Right here. Your beer (or whatever else you are selling, could be even “yourself”) is A-Fukn-Mazing.

There is no reason to dull the sparkle so take it all and shine bright! Tell yourself each time you have negative thoughts how amazing you and your products or services actually are and don’t hesitate to read out daily affirmations.

You got this!


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