After working with my amazing clients and taking them on a journey, short or long, helping them regain control of their lives and transform into a powerful human, here is what they say about our work: 

Cameron Gallagher, New Zealand

Monique is an exceptional coach!! I engaged Monique to help me when I was challenged in making some big changes in my life. She over-delivered and helped me in a huge way and I am massively grateful! I think that she is absolutely fantastic and you’d be crazy not to hire her!

(72 hour Emergency-Pack Client)

Mai, Hanoi/Vietnam

I love that I was able to share and was listened by people I met for the first time.

Monique is amazing, so sweet, so inspiring, caring. I can’t imagine how she could manage giving so much care for everyone, remembering all the stories, giving personal tasks etc. wish you all the best Monique <3

(took part in Group Coaching for Women in Hanoi)

Testimonial - Mai
Review - Rebecca Turner

Rebecca Turner, Nashville/Tennesse

Working with Monique was a life-changing experience. I felt like she really cared about me and what I’m going through. Her ability to listen to how I was feeling was exactly what I needed and her suggestions to help me get through those situations were so helpful. In just three sessions I feel like I am so much more confident than I was before we started working together and she provided me with tools I will continue to use to improve that confidence. I cannot recommend working with her enough.

(1-on-1 ‘Resiliency’ coaching client)

Nguyen, Hanoi/Vietnam

After such a long time spending my time alone, with negative feelings and thoughts, now I realised that I am not alone anymore. I now want to be more open and want to give out help, advice … to those who’s in need, too 🙂

(Nguyen rated the experience a 10 out of 10 and was asked why)
It’s hard to answer this question. I am just imagining myself in 2 weeks after Monique is no longer in Hanoi, and I would miss her so much. Then I will believe somewhere out there Monique is still doing her job – helping others, making people believe in life and be more positive. That worked with me and will work with a lot more girls. I am sure 10 is not enough, it is more than just 10.

(took part in Group Coaching for Women in Hanoi)

Testimonial - Hien

Hien, Vietnam

“The coaching session gave me personally a chance to share with people who are willing to listen and never judge me. The feeling of being cared about is always one of the best feelings ever. Monique, the coach, is really nice, helpful and considerate person. Her passion and high responsibility for what she is doing inspire me to bravely pursue what I want to do and who I want to be in the future. Monique, You are a really nice person and you can be proud of that in the first place. You are persistent, gentle and kind. That’s why you’re going to do this work very well. Keep going, Monique!!”

(took part in Group Coaching for Women in Hanoi)