comfort zone

Our comfort zone feels warm, fluffy and is the “bubble” we love to live and move in. Yesterday I talked about doing what you love and how we have to do things that are hard for us in order to get to do what we love.

I said we have to stretch out our comfort zone, to experience new things, master new skills and make new connections with other people. But why can’t we just stay in our fluffy warm comfort zone and do it? I mean if we love to sleep, we could as well become a test sleeper for beds, right? Right!

The Best Things In Life Are On The Other Side Of Fear 

And even here you will have to expand your horizon, stretch our your comfort zone and do things that you are afraid of in order to become a test sleeper. You might be afraid of contact strangers via telephone. It is a common fear to approach people when we can’t see them, since we don’t get a visual reaction. After all it is only 7% spoken words that makes up our communication. The rest is body language and tone of voice.

Overcoming this fear of calling people will only be possible, if you start calling the people you want to approach. Yes, that’s right. There is no magic formula here!

You have to stretch your comfort zone, get out and overcome fears that have been in your life for a while or maybe just for a bit.

When we start conquering our fears, we will not just be a master of a new skill or a new mindset hack. We will slowly have to push forward step by step. It helps to have a growth mindset to not get stuck in limited beliefs and to understand that even mistakes will help you to learn and get better. Every day a little bit more.

And with every day that you stand up for what you love, stretch your comfort zone and conquer those fears – you will gain a whole new confidence. A confidence that will become your new best friend!
(Read more tomorrow)

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