Salena was kicked out of home by the age of 14 and was forced to move interstate to live with her grandparents which was very difficult for them to get along with. So after an 8-months of trial it was clear that she had to leave them as well.

She then went through a tough time of moving, being left and sent away from people she loved, having to grow up in a blink of an eye and manage her life like an adult.

But I promise, I only have true power women on the podcast – and oh how Salena fits that description to the bones. Listen to her amazing story that is so powerful, you immediately want to jump up and make sure you do everything to become successful yourself!

Now, Salena’s mission is to bring the business world into the retail world for small business owners. So many people work in their business, and they just don’t know how to find the time to learn new things, to grow and to be inspired. She is known as The Retail Strategist. After building an award winning chain of on and offline stores Salena now helps other store owners to build their stores confidently and become business savvy. To reach that goal, she created The Boutique Academy, the first ever business course designed specifically for retailers.

Her vision is to help 100 million retailers become more confident and business savvy.

In addition to Salena’s courses, retailers find heaps of help and value in her weekly podcast and weekly tv show, which shows retailers how to implement simple, actionable business strategies into their retail biz.

If you like to know more about Salena, don’t hesitate to check her out!



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