Party. Drugs. Alcohol.  

No matter what, as long it’s fun, brings as less responsibility as possibility and has nothing to do with hard work, she’ll do it.
This was Alicia’s life just a few years back. When her husband returned from Afghanistan and the wish to become pregnant just wouldn’t become true, the two decided to move to Hawaii and just, well chill. And party. And hang out, you know?!

But it didn’t took long for Alicia to get pregnant, now that her partner and Alicia didn’t expect it. But Alicia and her husband knew this was a chance. Their son was an opportunity to change their lives, get off the parties, the unhealthy way of life and finally take the responsibility for themselves but especially for the little kid.

But Alicia struggled hard. Her body didn’t look the way she wanted it to. She fought with postpartum depression, and the question: How am I going to be a good mother to my son?

“I remembered looking in the mirror and was like: ” Who is that? Who is that person? That’s not me!” It made feel really gross and unhappy. (…) Having the gym was my saving grace to adopt to motherhood in my own way.”

It was a tough transition. But Alicia found her blessing in the gym, lifting weights, becoming strong – not only from the outside but from the inside through her training.

Now, Alicia is a Certified Life & Online Fitness Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer.  She wants to show women how to live life more passionate and purposeful with the help of self-discovery and fitness. Alicia is also a National level Bikini Competitor and had great success in her first competitions. Her transformation is an example to follow and shows that anything is possible.


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