Total Solar Eclipse 2017


“It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable.” (Seneca)

Tonight we have the once in a lifetime chance to use the power of our mind to manifest our goals for the next years. America will be able to see an All-State-Crossing of the total solar eclipse AND new moon and the same time – and the whole world can experience it’s powerful energy!

Are you ready to set your mind on your goals and receive the powerful energy of the universe? 

If you now say “That’s BS – universe and energy is just some psychic witch crap”  I totally get you!
That’s been me some years ago – until the universe worked for me, even though I didn’t even believe in it!

The universe plays the life game the right way and we can choose to play it FOR us or be played by it.
So why not use the powerful energy of the solar eclipse to create the future of our dreams? You can only win! 

But how can we make sure we use this powerful energy and set our mindset up for the big win?

Here are a few steps for you how to manifest your goals with the total solar eclipse

If you follow these steps, you will certainly set a new tone for your mindset. These steps will help you to start and keep powerful habits to manifest your dreams, goals and future achievements.


1| Visualize Your Dreams

Our mind is a powerful tool and as Buddha already said: “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” – so take a few minutes every day and be a daydreamer.
Imagine how your future should look like. Do you want to be location independent, work from anywhere, whenever you want and don’t need to worry about $$$ coming in? Or would you love a fancy apartment in the heart of NYC and visit the Broadway musicals once a week in a new outfit? Or maybe you just want to live in your little bungalow down at the beach and enjoy life the simple way. Hell, yeah!
Whatever your dreams are, close your eyes and visualize how your life should look like. Play your favorite music to get you in the mood, maybe even wear your favorite outfit to make you feel 100% in the moment! Let this solar eclipse do it’s magic for you, when you visualize your dreams. 


2| Write Down Your Goals

This is a crucial part and there are different ways how to do that. You can either write a goal list, with milestones that brings you step by step to your final lifestyle goal. Here it’s very helpful to break these milestones down into achievable goals and set milestones also in the near future (for example 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years).

You can also create a vision board to help with your visualizations. A vision board is a poster, canva or something similar that you build a creative collage with. Many people use stickers, cut outs from magazines, photos and printouts. But the most important part is that you don’t only write and visualize what you want to achieve or what you like to own but especially how you want to feel like! Only when you sharpen your mind and your heart will you be able to achieve your big goals as well.  So what exactly would you visualize on your board? For me for example you would see the following categories:

Wisdoms to live by, How I want to feel, Healthy Habits, Big Goals, Places To Go, People To Meet.

These categories are very important to me and build my all over happiness. Some categories might change over the course of some years, that depends on which goals I achieved already. How would your vision board look like for this solar eclipse event? Let me know in the comments down below!

For some of us creating  a vision board for the first time might be a bit overwhelming, or you don’t know where to start, and how to build it so it looks nice, too.  No worries, I felt the same way when I started. That’s why I created a FREE printable Vision Board that is beautiful, too.

You can download it right here so you can start today to manifest your dreams!





3|Keep Your Written Goals in A Visible Place

Hang your list or vision board in a visible place. I love to keep mine next to my bed. This has an amazing effect, as you can see it every morning when you wake up and set your mind into a super motivated mood to start your day. At the same time you see it when you go to bed and go to sleep with powerful thoughts. Remember, when we sleep our subconscious is working for us – so this is a fantastic time to let our mind to the work for us!


4|Read Them Out Loud Daily

“Why the hell does she want me to read them out loud now?!” – haha, I know, I know. But hear me out! When I started manifesting my dreams, I felt really strange reading them out to myself.
But reading out loud, has been found to be a proven way to set your mind and beliefs onto your visions and strengthen them. We can only change beliefs with habits and repetition. Reading out loud helps our body and mind to understand our thoughts. Both react to our own voice better than to others, since it is familiar. You can even record your reading once and listen to them daily.


5|Put In The Hard Work

Now here is the real deal – it’s not said just because you manifest your dreams, you can lay back and everything will become true. You have to put the hard work in! Why working when the universe can do it for us, you ask? Well what we did with manifesting is activating the energy and setting our minds ready to receive abundance and all things we wish for. If we are not ready to receive we will block any success. And that’s why we have to not only set our mind up for success but also work hard and consistently for it.

But I know you can do it! I know you really want it – and that’s what manifesting is for. You want it, manifesting sets your mind for DOING it!

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