do what you love


Do what you love! It sounds very simple but it is often not as easy as it sounds! But why? 

Well first of all we often feel very comfortable with our “security net” we have built for ourselves. A job, a fixed income (or somewhat calculable), some insurances, family and friends we see regularly and places we like to visit around us. So to do what we love may force us to leave our security net behind. Maybe we have always dreamed of moving to Hong Kong. We may not have family and friends there, don’t have a favorite coffee shop to go yet and no insurance whatsoever. But we would love to move there. 

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy, Right?

But it is not only the security net that we may have to leave or give up but we have to expand or even step out of our comfort zones. Why is it that we have to do so many things that are so hard for us when actually we only want to do what we love? Well there is this wonderful saying “Nothing worth having comes easy” which is a short form of a famous quote from Theodore Roosevelt. And this is true! Stretching our comfort zone (read more about that tomorrow) only helps us to widen our horizon. Gain new knowledge, master new skills, overcome fears and in the end this will lead to the one thing: You can do what you love!

And how this makes us happier? That is probably the easy part of the question: With more skills, we feel more expensive, with fears that we overcome, we feel more powerful and with new knowledge we feel smarter. All these things lead to one big feeling: Happiness. Because happiness is a state of mind, that we can create. It’s a state of being satisfied with ourselves, the state of who we are and where we are in our life but still having the drive to keep learning and improving. So today is a fucking amazing day, to go and do what you love and feel happier! 


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