WHAT ARE YOU KEEN to change TOday?

I am no stranger to high stress levels, trauma, adversity, hardships, challenges – call it how you like, I have been thrown out of my comfort zone in my life more than I was able to count. See, I am straight outta Dresden*. We build ourselves and our surroundings up again, stone by stone, no matter how much we got bombed. We also shuffle the thickest mud out of our homes no matter how often the flood is taking over. We ain’t no giving up. Being strong and picking myself up is in my blood. I am here to pump it into yours and help you get out of your struggles!

My work is designed to give you the bulletproof skills and support you need to tackle any wake-up calls or obstacles head-on and come out on top.
Let’s not waste any more time and get started!


Is a MINDSET COACH right for me?

If you are at a point in your life where you are not only seeking but truly need important change – then I am the one to help you.
Not only once have I turned my life around successfully and helped others do the same. Being a certified Team Leader with Crisis Management License and Years of Experience in the High Performance Sector I know how to deal with any kind of situation – as small or big as it may come across. That doesn’t mean I follow strict rules – I do things my way, having learned many lessons the hard way and adopted it into my work.
Whatever your situation is, we will get you back on track, the best track of your life.
All you need to do is to commit 100% to the process and take action.

Live Life Unconventionally – Your Terms are the Terms that Matter.
Have you gone through a traumatic experience? Are you in physical or mental pain? Maybe you are looking for a direction in life, for goals and a purpose. Our mindset is what keeps us going! Without a strong mindset, we can push forward, but we will always be pulled back like a  rubber band.
As a fellow #PowerWoman who lives with constant (physical) pain I can relate to your struggles. I am here to help you out of it!

Build a stress prevention & resistance system that keeps you balanced – and still high performing!
Highly Stressed? Sleepless? Exhausted AF? Maybe you are looking for a way out of this constant feeling of failure? Is your chest burning like fire and sometimes you think you can’t breathe?
Did you recently think about giving it all up? Don’t! I hav been through a devastatiing burn out – but there are ways out AND even better ways to prevent it!
Let’s get you ready to rock in resistance. 

We all need them: Family. Friends. Colleagues. Partners.
Do you feel like there are some disconnects in your relationships? Do you have issues building friendships? Do you feel socially awkward and you want to get out inthe world?! 
As a long-term traveler and ambivert I know both sites of “shining bright like a diamond” but also feeling awkward in huge groups, making friends or building solid relationships. 
But we are all in the same boat – and we don’t want to let it sink. Let’s grow a strong and resilient mindset for you to be able to be fully independent and still being able to have deep relationships.  

We get you ready to connect whenever you want. 

If we don’t take care of our energy we won’t be able to sparkle! 
Have you been fighting to overcome life’s obstacles for too long?
Are you tired of people telling you what to do, where to go, how to spend your time? Did you fall into bad nutrition habits, maybe drank too much, didn’t exercise – and overall didn’t take care of yourself?
Only if we do the basics of self-care, are we able to shine bright & leave our sparkle in this world! Don’t want to sparkle? Fine. Let’s Glitter, Glamour, Confetti and just be 100% ourselves and full of ENERGY! 

It’s time to take a deep look in the mirro and change these damn habits.