It was late 2012 when I left on another holiday for the year to recharge my energy from my 9to5 job.
I visited Vietnam and Cambodia. I wanted to be free. At least for these 17 days.
In Siem Reap I fell incredibly sick. I had to stay in my guesthouse room for 4 days and couldn’t even leave the bed.
I felt so guilty that I wasn’t able to go, explore the area and especially that I might even miss out on visiting Angkor Wat, because who knows when I was able to return to Cambodia.

I was devastated.

As I had only a total of 6 days in Siem Reap and planned to also see a few other things, I asked my friend, who came to see Angkor Wat, to book us a TukTuk for the full day and pick us up at 4.30 am.
The evening before the visit to the amazing ancient temple complex I took a whole bunch of pills to finally stop the vomiting (didn’t help before), ate some bananas and drank a weird isotonic drink. It worked.

Weak but determined I got in the TukTuk the next morning at 4.30 am.
When we arrived at Angkor Wat, I couldn’t believe my eyes – seeing the mass of people getting in there.

But I had one goal: Seeing the sunrise at the main spot. So we walked over and we were on time.

Sunrise at Angkor Wat. WHAT A MIND BLOWING MOMENT.

Afterwards we reached ‘Ta Phrom’ the “Tomb Raider Temple”.
I had to stop, stare at the huge Banyan tree that makes its way above and through the temple’s ruins and I thought to myself “If this tree can break through brick walls, I can break through them too”. And hell was that a break through.

I realised that I was holding myself back in favor of society’s rules, my family’s wishes for me, my company’s conditions of ‘how to fit in’ and so much more.
Who said I have to wait 6months each time for my holidays?
Who said I need to save money like crazy, not socialize and live on the smallest budget, only to be able to live a “secure life”?

I wanted to live differently.

And this was the end of me growing around all these brick walls.
From now on I would just break right through them!

I came home, called my best friend and told him I will quit my job to become Scuba Dive Instructor (wait, what the hell, what??).
Yep. The rest is history.

Let me tell you one thing first:
The best things in life NEVER f*cking ever come easy.
BUT they are so so so worth it.
It was a fight, and still is, but hell do I love the battle knowing I win freedom every day!

So many people asked me “Monique, how did you do that? How did you prepare to leave your job?”, so I have decided to
prepare this special gift for you!

A FREE course that will lead you through the exact process from Zero to Freedom in 10 Steps.

Are you ready to Ditch Your 9to5?!

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