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MIndset Coach – specialised in Resiliency & Empowerment | PUBLIC SPEAKER

I help you, to awake your inner fighter & become the most powerful version of yourself by building unbreakable resiliency, irresistible self-love and the power to stand up for the things you love in the most important parts of your life.


Let’s talk straightforward for a moment.
We all have our stories. They may have been shocking, terrifying or painful. Maybe they were sad, traumatising or simply knocked you off track at the time being.
But here is the good news. They are over now. If you let them be. Our stories only live as long we push the ‘replay’ button, and I am here for you to make it stop – and instead turn your story into something damn powerful! 


You probably heard about my story somewhere, or maybe I was recommended to you, or my SEO worked (that’ll surpise me tho 😉 ). No matter how you found your way here – you are here for a reason. 

Let me tell you, that I deeply feel you my friend. I have been in oh-so-many traumatic, painful and terrifying stories myself more than I probably should have in my life!
I had to work my way through several chronic illnesses, learn how to live with constant pain and not to give up, suffered from a burn-out and worked through as I had no resources or support for recovery at that time. I went through traumatic experiences such as rape and had to become so strong through them that in the end,
I was able to turn my pain into a purpose!
When I say I feel you, I actually mean it. As a real Dresden-Girl*, I have rebuilt my life through all the rubble and now thrive for the best!


I help people like you and me – biz owners, high performers, dreamers with chronic illnesses, high achievers with a mission, people who want to change the world – to do so and live an epic life. Often we are the ones who live und high pressure, with a high stress level, chronic illness or we experienced traumatic experiences, but we are looking for a way to heal, to break free from the norm and help others along the way.
We are the ones who are ready to thrive and live life on their own terms.
If you feel like I took the words out of your mouth, then this is your place to be!
Welcome my friend. Now tell me, 



Reasons to work with me

My work is based on many life experiences that I had (often) painfully gone through. Instead of having to figure out solutions and ways how to bounce back from setbacks, overcome self-doubts and the best version of yourself, I am here to help you with solid action-plans, methods that will take you through your pain and help your grow. Besides that I have a license in team management as well as crisis management which helps me to take this knowledge and apply to my coaching. 

There is no playing games here – I am straight forward and will always be honest with you, even though it might hurt you a bit. But we are here to kick start YOUR new lifestyle! I help you to turn your pain into a purpose, your experiences into your drive and get you on the way to achieve your life goals.


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Work with me


This page is all about helping you to Power Up Your Mind! 
For me, this only works if I give you my ALL and help you start with it right now: no obstacles, no financial obligation, no strings attached.

Check my gifts for you – these are free ressources to help you start your bold journey towards a strong mindset.


I love to work 1-on-1 with you as it gives us the opportunity to dig really deep and bring the epicness into your life – step by step. 
therefore I offer laser coaching sessions as well as single sessions,
my 3R Program and my online mindset bootcamps to help you kick start your journey towards happiness and an epic life on your own terms 


You can book me for individually created, passionatly presented talks and workshops that inspire, educate and motivate my audience through personal stories and knowledge to take-away. My coporate workshops aim at improving workplace motivation and productivity through strengthening mindset and relationships in the workplace. 

“She over-delivered and helped me in a huge way and I am massively grateful! I think that she is absolutely fantastic and you’d be crazy not to hire her!”

Cameron Gallagher, New Zealand

“Working with Monique was a life-changing experience. I felt like she really cared about me and what I’m going through.”

Review - Rebecca Turner

Rebecca Turner, Nashville/Tennesse

“Monique, the coach, is really nice, helpful and considerate person. Her passion and high responsibility for what she is doing inspire me to bravely pursue what I want to do and who I want to be in the future.”

Testimonial - Hien

Hien, Vietnam

“After such a long time spending my time alone, with negative feelings and thoughts, now I realised that I am not alone anymore.”


Nguyen, Vietnam

“Monique is amazing, so sweet, so inspiring, caring. I can’t imagine how she could manage giving so much care for everyone…”

Testimonial - Mai

Mai, Vietnam


Break Through Your Walls

It was late 2012 when I left on another holiday for the year to recharge my energy from my 9to5 job. I visited Vietnam and Cambodia. I wanted to be free. At least for these 17 days. In Siem Reap I fell incredibly sick. I had to stay in my guesthouse room for 4 days...

Manifest Your Dreams with The Total Solar Eclipse

  “It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable.” (Seneca) Tonight we have the once in a lifetime chance to use the power of our mind to manifest our goals for the next years. America will be able to see an All-State-Crossing of the total solar eclipse AND new moon...


Are you stressed AF? Totally overwhelmed? Do you feel lost and you just need someone to straighten your head and give you some direction? Or you need a personal task manager to get you back on track for you to not miss out on life? 

No worries, I got you.
Get in contact with me, tell me what it is you are stuck with and I will be there for you. 

Ps: you can also just message me to say “Hi”, that’s cool, too 🙂

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