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The trouble is, you think you have time.” – Jack Kornfield.

But let me tell you: we don’t.
We don’t have time to wait until retirement to go and see the world. We don’t have time to wait another 5 years until we feel confident enough to start our business. We don’t have time to wait until the next time we see that hot girl/guy to ask them out. We don’t have time to wait 6 more months to spend quality with friends & family – WHY? 

Because what if your time is over tomorrow? What if your friends or family don’t make it until tomorrow? Then you missed out on valuable time! You think that’s a bit dramatic? Morbid? Unreal? 

Well – I thought the same until I suffered from of a cardiac arrest by the age of 19 and died. I was dead – clinically dead. And in just a moment as short as a snap my life was taken from me. 

Do you still think you have time? Sounds like trouble 😉 But there is a solution for you. What if we could get you all the time you want and need? Time you can use for those business ideas you want to bring to life, the adventures you want to experience, the memories you want to create with friends and family… time for yourself. How? 

With the proven T.I.M.E. Method that will cut your work day in half and without any income loss in 87 days or less. 

WHAT mY CLIENTS SAY about our work

“She over-delivered and helped me in a huge way and I am massively grateful! I think that she is absolutely fantastic and you’d be crazy not to hire her!”

Cameron Gallagher, New Zealand

WHAT mY CLIENTS SAY about our work

“Working with Monique was a life-changing experience. I felt like she really cared about me and what I’m going through.”

Review - Rebecca Turner

Rebecca Turner, Nashville/Tennesse

WHAT mY CLIENTS SAY about our work

“Monique, the coach, is really nice, helpful and considerate person. Her passion and high responsibility for what she is doing inspire me to bravely pursue what I want to do and who I want to be in the future.”

Testimonial - Hien

Hien, Vietnam

WHAT mY CLIENTS SAY about our work

“After such a long time spending my time alone, with negative feelings and thoughts, now I realised that I am not alone anymore.”


Nguyen, Vietnam

WHAT mY CLIENTS SAY about our work

“Monique is amazing, so sweet, so inspiring, caring. I can’t imagine how she could manage giving so much care for everyone…”

Testimonial - Mai

Mai, Vietnam


My High Performance work is based on 10 years of solid studies of Project Management (major in university), Productivity, Habits/Routines, Systems/Tools/Processes as well as on neuroscience, mind-hacking & brain-hacking methods, and proven mindset methods that I studied from different masters such as Marisa Peer or Robin Sharma. When I say I studied these masters, I don’t mean I watched a YouTube video or read a blog post here or there. 

The T.I.M.E. Method was developed for over a decade to bring sustainable High Performance to the entrepreneurs and business owners.

I believe that the “Hustle & Grind” mentality is a worn out concept that doesn’t work for most entrepreneurs & business owners. All it does is raising false hopes, increasing anxiety and depression and driving people into insane burnouts. The ones who do success with the Hustle & Grind are rare and are a special breed who need the speed. But this will also fall apart, after all, we can only keep up with  

That’s why the T.I.M.E Method covers an all-round approach at High Performance with: Time Management, Impact through Leadership, Mind Mastery and Energy Management.

I also have a solid collection of life experiences even so I may “only” count 32 years. But as my mentor used to say “You lived a life richer of valuable experiences than many 85-year-olds”. 





HOw I can Help you


This page is all about helping you to Power Up Your Mind! 
For me, this only works if I give you my ALL and help you start with it right now: no obstacles, no financial obligation, no strings attached.

Check my gifts for you – these are free ressources to help you start your bold journey towards a strong mindset.
Are you ready to become #rawandreal?


I love to work with you as it gives us the opportunity to dig really deep and bring the epicness into your life – step by step. Therefore I offer my
3-R Program as well as my online group coaching to help you kick start your journey towards resiliency, empowerment and a #rawandreal life on your own terms.

Are you ready to transform your life?


You can book me for individually created, passionatly presented talks and workshops that inspire, educate and motivate your audience through personal stories and knowledge. My coporate workshops aim at improving workplace motivation and productivity through strengthening mindset and relationships in the workplace.

Let me inspire your audience now!



Get in contact with me, tell me what it is you are stuck with and I will be here to help you. 
Ps: You can also just message me to say “Hi”, that’s cool, too 🙂

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