HIgh AchiEver - yet completely Overwhelmed, Stressed & Uninspired?

Hi, I am Monique – The Master of Efficiency.

As a master of time, I am your secret weapon to efficiency. With my unique T.I.M.E. METHOD and my #1 motto ‘Slow Down to Speed Up’, I am on a mission to help high achieving business owners taking back control of their time and energy through human optimization.

My No-Bullshit approach has helped many clients cut up to 50% of their previous working hours, double their ROI and significantly reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm, whilst building unbreakable confidence and resilience.

Watch the short 5minute video below to find out why you shouldn’t waste one more minute of your time – and start optimising your life & business today! 


I developed this proven method throughout my work over the past 15 years and build a track record upon it. 

It combines the 4 pillars of human optimization, that in my eyes are necessary for any high achiever to implement, so they can take back control over their lives and businesses with a rock solid foundation in place. 

These pillars are: Time Management, Impactful Leadership, Mindset Mastery and Energy Efficiency

To become naturally productive to the highest level, ensure your path to your fullest potential and fire up your inspiration to achieve fulfilment in your life and your work’s purpose, your human optimization process starts right here with the T.I.M.E. Method.


 – Digital Marketer
” She completely re-designed my business and made it 10x more efficient. My work day is way shorter and more productive now(…) we are also making more money (…) If you need a systems person, I’d recommend none other than Monique”

Stefan Georgi

– Agency Owner
It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life/career in a long time. Monique has helped me to dramatically maximize my efficiency. (…) She’s also helped me to prioritize my most important tasks, and to feel less anxious and stressed. “


– Parent Coach
“Before I met Monique (…) I felt super overwhelmed (…) I feel a lot more confident and capable (…) Monique really helped me with prioritizing my tasks and set up workflows (…) so I was able to cut my hours to a manageable amount of hours down”

Paloma Lev

 – High Ticket Sales Coach
” Monique has been super valuable to me and the work I do (…) She is excellent in organization, focus, at project management (…) and helped me move projects along to the point of completion, which was amazing (…)”

Peter Rychlik

– Graphic Designer
Monique bussed 5hours to make it on time to our call(…) I don’t know another coach who would have done this. It was one of the most transformative calls ever – she cut right to the chase and called me out (…) I haven’t been the same since.”


– Fitness Coach
“I struggled with this thing for the last few years and I talked to Monique (…) she allowed me to transform my life instantly where I would be able to overcome this obstacle that I was struggling with for long time (…) she pushed me to take action. “

German Efficiency On Demand

You are fighting with your task list each day, your priorities are all over the place and as a result you feel disgustingly guilty when you are not working. 

You are craving free-time, you want your business to grow but also to be able to get your work done in a healthy time – but you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Let’s change this! How? In the past 15+ years I have not only studied project- and events management but I devoted myself to the human optimization and studied topics like human nature, neuroscience, psychology and the art of mind- and biohacking to strengthen my skills around productivity and time management to help high achievers like you. 

Ready for your efficiency-boost? Let’s get started!