I am no stranger to high stress levels, trauma, adversity, hardships, challenges – call it how you like, I have been thrown out of my comfort zone in my life more than I was able to count. See, I am straight outta Dresden*. We build ourselves and our surroundings up again, stone by stone, no matter how much we got bombed. We also shuffle the thickest mud out of our homes no matter how often the flood is taking over. We ain’t no giving up. Being strong and picking myself up is in my blood. I am here to pump it into yours and help you get out of your struggles!

My work is designed to give you the bulletproof skills and support you need to tackle any wake-up calls or obstacles head-on and come out on top.
Let’s not waste any more time and get started!



If you are at a point in your life where you are not only seeking but truly need important change – then I am the one to help you.
Not only once have I turned my life around successfully and helped others do the same. Being a certified Team Leader with Crisis Management License and Years of Experience in the High Performance Sector I know how to deal with any kind of situation – as small or big as it may come across. That doesn’t mean I follow strict rules – I do things my way, having learned many lessons the hard way and adopted it into my work.
Whatever your situation is, we will get you back on track, the best track of your life.
All you need to do is to commit 100% to the process and take action.

Have you gone through a traumatic experience? Are you in physical or mental pain? Are you looking for a solution to live your life as powerful as possible – no matter the pain and the painful experiences? 
If this is you, I am here to help you as a fellow survivor of pain!

Highly Stressed? Sleepless? Exhausted AF? Are you looking for a way out of this constant feeling of failure? Is your chest burning like fire and you sometimes think you can’t breathe?

If you have said YES to one or all of these questions,
then it’s time to change this!

Confused about where to go in life and what goals to achieve?  
Do you randomly do things here and there, walking through the world wondering where you will end up? Do you feel empty and are you looking to fill your life with purpose and joy?

If you just jumped up and screamed “YES!” then we should have a chat.

Are you tired of fighting to overcome life’s obstacles? Are you tired of people telling you what to do, where to go, how to spend your time? Are you tired of not living life on your own terms? Are you tired of thinking about to give up?

If you are still nodding in agreement, then I have a solution for you!


Sometimes we just need to talk through our struggles with someone that doesn’t know our story, doesn’t judge us and can be straightforward honest to help see clear behind the scenes.
If you feel like you want to rant all over the place, but need your head washed too – 


Sometimes 24 or 72 hours of support are not enough and we need someone to help us push forward.
It is hard to see the importance of Recovery, when all we want is skipping to the better part of the path.

We fail to go through a tough but highly important process of building Resiliency that keeps us from falling back and makes us stronger for future occurrences.

We need help to recognize our own behavior, break through old patterns, build new healthier habits, get rid of toxic influences and Redesign a lifestyle that we truly want to live.

There is no shame in asking for help and taking on support from someone who went through this process successfully many times not only themselves but with different kind of people.

My 3R-System is designed to get you from your Wake-Up call through the 3 important stages of Recovery, Resiliency and Redesign.

Within my 3-months Program we will

…Work on your situation individually
…Dig deep to find the roots of the issues and tackle them with bulletproof techniques
…Take the time to go through a proper Recovery process
…Build Resiliency in order to strengthen you for future struggles
…Set the base for your new lifestyle
…Redesign, habits, patterns and surroundings for you

Go after the Things You Truly Want!


Stressed AF and you don’t know a way out?

Did you recently wake up and felt exhausted as if a truck has hit you?  Is your mind never stop chatting to you, mostly talking down on you, telling you how much you have failed again today? Maybe you went to work or you have worked on your business today, but nothing worked out. You just feel so stressed and pressured that you can’t even focus on the tiniest task. I get you. I have been there. When I had a burn out I woke up every single day with the feeling that I have not slept for a whole year! My body had no energy, everything hurt and I tried to move – but no matter what: I couldn’t. This burn out sucked all energy, color and even smiles out of me. But I fought through it – and I made it. 

Today, I am here to help you to get through this hard time,
or even better: prevent it.