Monique Lindner - Life Coach

Let’s talk real honest here for a moment. You probably landed on this page, because you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and you are just about to burn out from all of life’s challenges. Or you just been shaken awake from a quite frightening Wake-Up call and you wonder how you can change your path now to not get sucked into the dark tunnel in front of you. 

Well, you are in the right spot. I am here to help you get out of your darkness and get you back on track. On the best track of your life. 

You will find a lot of free advice, blog posts, podcasts, mini courses and more. But the real value lies in my 3R-System that helps you to Recover from whatever situation you are going through, to build Resiliency for your future and help you Redesign the life you truly can be happy with.

But how did I get here? 

Life threw a lot of unexpected and painful curveballs at me, too – and not only once! 

As you may know from reading my story I am born with 2 chronic diseases, which one of them is a chronic nervous system disorder causing heavy severe Migraines with Auras and at times epileptic cramps. 

My first proper Wake-Up Call was probably when I was 19 years old. My life was turbulent at the times, I lost my grandmother that I loved very much, my first big love left me, I broke my wrist that forced me to stop dancing (and that was my biggest passion in my life – and still is!) and I had to change my college due to sexual harassment at my workplace. This all happened within 4 months of time and let me tell you I was all over the place, trying to deal with all of the sh*t happening while working in 3 jobs and getting into the new college with a bunch of tests I had to do to be approved. 

I didn’t have 1 single day off in 8 years between my 14th and 22nd birthday as I was in school/college and working without a break to make things work. One evening, I was 19 living alone in  a little studio, I came home and find myself having the worst Migraine attack I ever experienced so far in my life. I called my parents and told them to come to my place and bring an ambulance. I said, if they wouldn’t be there in 7min. I wouldn’t make it. 

I knocked out and died of a cardiac arrest – and I was clinical dead for 25 seconds. 

Let me tell you – this for sure was a f*cking Wake-Up Call. (Literally, cause I was lucky enough to wake up from it again). I was 19, so bloody young, and to be honest it took me some time to understand that the changes that I made afterwards were connected to the deeper meaning of this incident. 

But years later – I didn’t take my self-care serious enough – another Wake-Up Call was waiting

After this first brutal Wake-Up Call I started to make some huge shifts in my life. People Pleasing? Eff off! Being treated badly? Not without consequences. It took me years to learn all the things that are good for me by myself, making loads of mistakes and going through heaps of trial & error. 

When I turned 24 I was working in a huge company, being team leader for more than 160 people. I worked there for 2 years already and turned around their projects and business in the best way possible so far. I had a great career in mind and was working my bum off to help my team and get better conditions for them but also to improve processes to increase results and project goals. 

Having huge goals for myself and being so young, I was target  from my female supervisor and my male colleague who thought they can use my position, my highly impactful work force and then bully the sh*t out of me. An old spine injury from a heavy car accident 9 years beforehand flamed up from stressing out and overworking myself and kicked my ass out of office. I suffered from a severe spine injury that has led to a life long chronic illness now. At the time I was barely able to walk, my main spinal nerve was disrupted and the pain was tremendous, being treated with morphine. I had to find a specialist to treat this injury. 

It took 4 months to find one. 4 months in which I could barely leave my bed. Lost my friends, my job and all social connections. I lost all my savings and had to get help paying my rent to not end up on the street (thanks to my parents!). I was defeated by my own health. 
Then I finally found this therapist. I found hope. I went to therapy with new energy to look into a healthy future, but in the second session he raped me. 

This was one of the most painful setbacks in my life. Losing everything which is truly important in life including your hope. But I couldn’t be defeated. I am not the person to give up. I am a fighter. I could for fucks sake NOT let anything drown me. So I picked myself up. Bit by bit. Puzzled pieces together, found a job (still being on high dose of morphine – no one ever realized, ha.) 

Why am I the Person to get you out of there? Credentials? 

Work experience, crisis management, certified team leader specialized in team and crisis management

Life Experience – working through my Own Burn Out – developing a system that worked for me, no matter what the setback was. 

The 3R-System Recovery – Resiliency – Redesign  


I am not here to offer you hope, I am here to offer you help with a No-Bullshit approach! It’s the kind of help , that I wish I had when I went through all of that.